No matter if we are a business giant or a startup, no matter of the industry - we all need design services. We could be lost in research, especially with nowadays easy-reachable plethora of information. Our goal is to help you clarify your needs saving your most valuable resources - time, money and efforts. Based on our experience we reduced it to 4 important questions which are designed to help you clarify your crucial points and criteria in this process. Because the best solutions comes answering the right questions.

We'd be happy to know who you are and what your business is, but it could be done anonymously as well - it's completely up to you. We hope that you'll enjoy it!


Let’s imagine the following scenario:

You are looking for design services (identity, website, advertising) and would like to find the best company for the project or business (not a freelancer, a company).

1. Based on which criteria you’d choose a design firm (studio or agency) to work with? Please list the criteria by importance starting with the most important. Feel free to add % or points (from 1 to 10) to rate the importance.
2. Which are the channels you’d use to find this company? Please list at least 2.
3. What kind strategy would get your attention and convince you that this company it is the "one"?
4. Please describe the most crucial point/offer you could imagine which would make you choose this company among the others?

Thank you so much for your participation!

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