The Big Grill Festival

Dubai, UAE Located Music Festival Event

The Event

The Big Grill Festival based in the United Arab Emirates brings together the city’s exquisite grill masters and best quality meats for grilling in a festive and fun atmosphere. The festival also included a designated play area for children, including bouncy castles, rides, games and arts and crafts.

We were asked to create a design which would reflect the idea of a rock’n’roll, grilling and music event. Due the location (UAE), the means of expression were limited to images of music, fire and vegetables, with no permission to use any images of meat or drink/alcohol; the vision had to be masculine, bold, and fun all at the same time.  The design that was developed was awarded an international award and published in the prestigious Graphics Logo/Letterhead 9 edition.

The Challenge and The Award

This interesting project was a challenge indeed. We had to create an original, recognizable and unique design which would tell it all without showing it all. The selection of the components was crucial as they had to express the essence and suggest the forbidden elements at the same time.

The design was created from scratch. It had to be simple, clean, yet expressive so our choice was to do the main accent on the shape itself and keep the colors to a minimum. It had to look good in any size.

We ended up with a playful design with flowing and curved shapes; rock’n’roll feeling achieved with the guitar silhouette, with just a hint of food/meat shown with the grill, flames and chilly pepper elements.




Brand Style Guide

The Components, Colors and Mood Board