Magazine Advertisement

Some of the many created for Royal Imports
Print / Design / Illustration

The Brief

Royal Imports needed several magazine ads created for different months and occasions. The goal was to create a distinctive and attractive design which would stand out among the many. Further, it had to incorporate the new company identity style and brand elements. The ad had to contain some of the products that were most appropriate for season and the ad’s theme.

What We Did

We used several techniques to create those ads. All three designs are handcrafted – custom collage, theme-based settings, 3D attractive effects, etc. As always, our goal was to create distinctive designs which would support the company continued growth and success.

We selected to display three of the ads – the vintage feel, featuring white glass and candles, the IFE Expo – bright and bold, featuring glass items and the St. Valentine’s holiday with custom arrangement image created especially for the theme.

Magazine Advertisement #1

Moder’s Day

Handcrafted for a vintage appeal

This design incorporates featured items in a vintage setting (custom created collage). It was designed for the spring/summer season conveying this feeling of country vintage villa, comfort, invoking the feeling of wanting to break away from work and escape the city. The dimmed effect and warm palette allows objects to blend into a whole organic image. The visual trademark logo shape is incorporated in the background.




Magazine Advertisement #2

IFE Expo

Handcrafted for a bold presence

This ad is brighter and bolder with clean and sharp lines. It was created for one of the most important expo in the industry – IFE Expo. Our goal was to attract max attention to our booth and products, especially glass. We used distinctive palette, non-standard shapes and 3D effects incorporated in a custom created collage. The company’s trademark  is incorporated among the objects.




Magazine Advertisement #3

Valentine’s Day

Handcrafted to convey the feeling

This is the St. Valentine’s themed ad. The image/centerpiece was created during a custom photo shoot especially for this ad. We created it while incorporating a clean, corporate style which would appeals to B2B customers. We expressed the Valentine’s theme with the red flowers, petals and angled script font which gives it a romantic feel. The brand corner shape is incorporated in the design.