Leeza Braun New York

Website and Stationary Design
Website Design / Business Cards Design

The Client

Leeza Braun is one of only few companies in the market that selects from a vast inventory of diamonds, then designs and creates the finished pieces in their New York workshop. Unsurpassed quality control and the highest level of craftsmanship put Leeza Braun in a category of its own.

Whether a stylish statement piece or one-of-a-kind jewel to be worn for generations, Judy and Aliza masterfully oversee every detail of each creation. As jewelry advisors, they can help create a piece with your personal vision, cultivating a client experience rich in individual meaning.

As a woman who can appreciate fine jewelry, this project was that much more exciting:-)

What We Did

As a well established company, the client already had a company identity and website in place. However, with the years and the industry development, the original style became outdated, lacking in appeal to younger target audience. Our role was to complete a redesign of the company visual appearance in the web and print media, excluding the logo.

The first and most urgent part of the project was the website design. Client’s wish was to be different, original and to emphasize the unique, custom products they offer. It also had to highlight the high-end materials used. We tried to express that with an elegant, inviting, original and dynamic “young” design. We incorporated typical elements from the jewelry business (such as the internal cover of the jewelry boxes from where the pattern of the header/footer appeared) as well as angled elements in the body of the web pages, something that has not been used in the industry before.

We kept the same style line for the stationary as well, including some special printing effects, such as silver foil stamping (reminidscent of white gold and platinum ) and embossing for the back side of the business cards.