Presentation & Marketing Campaign
Design / Illustration

The Brief

Our assignment was to create a creative and original presentation for “Boomerang”, a new product showcased on the Indiegogo website for innovations. This is a unique long-live iPhone 6/6s battery case with a built-in retractable charger & optional additional battery pack. It helps the user keep their phones charged while using a lightweight, device.

This presentation had to appeal to future investors and highlight innovation, technology, and the advantages and features of the product.

What We Did

Our goal was to create a new kind of presentation. We tried to work in a different direction and design it as we would design a website or brochure, using similar techniques, ignoring the design limitations or PowerPoint and templates.

As a result, we created a completely custom template and filled it with original graphics/shapes on each of the slides (19 slides total). We used the triangle/arrow shape as a base and symbol of the new, growing and dynamic characteristics that the client was looking to project. The design was further elaborated in more complicated collages and overlays. To balance out the design, we combined the heavy-graphic slides expressing the feeling of the product with much simpler and cleaner information pages.

Slides ct: 19

The Postcard

Print Marketing Campaign

Custom Collages & Tech Schemes

Web Marketing Campaign